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You may have unpaid commissions which you are legally entitled to receive after termination

Commissions Paid after Termination

The Texas Supreme Court recently upheld a judgment awarding an executive $1 million in commissions that the employer had refused to pay due to the employee’s termination. In this article, we examine the ruling and explain why the executive’s commissions

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You can be a whistleblower with a qui tam claim.

Asserting a Qui Tam Claim

Did you know you can obtain high rewards if you have evidence of fraud against the government by your employer? By asserting a qui tam claim, whistleblowers can take a stand with government protection. Gardner Employment Law can give you

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Some stock options have restrictions which are important to know

Do Stock Options Have Restrictions?

Your stock option award is a symbol of your success with the company, right? But did you read the “small print” in the stock option agreement that you signed? Your stock options likely have restrictions. In this article we explain

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