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Whether you need crucial advice, assistance with documents such as non-competes, or a dauntless advocate helping you confidently press your position on legal matters, we’re the firm you want beside you. We have helped countless clients solve their issues without going to trial. But if we have to enter the fray to fight for you, so be it. We’re ready.

Our experts have handled hundreds of formal hearings, trials, and appeals. Still, the fact remains that litigation can last for years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We believe it’s our job to help you avoid all that. As astute career consultants, we help you navigate the traps and barriers that can stall or even ruin an advancing career. We focus on positive results and try to prevent the stress, expense, and risks of going into battle. That said, we’re more than willing and able to go that route if necessary.

Protect Your Career and Your Future

The simple truth is, if you don’t own the business, your career is at risk. Sometimes it’s a legal issue holding you back. Sometimes it’s office politics, management behavior, or the overall working dynamic. We can help.

Whether your dispute is legal or otherwise, at Gardner Employment Law we know how to protect your professional trajectory. We’re adept at seeing where your career is headed and helping you take control of your destiny. 

Wouldn’t you rather resolve workplace problems efficiently and economically? Give us a call.

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