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What's in Your Employment Contract?

If you do not own the company and do not have a bulletproof employment contract, your job is at risk! Your job security is at risk because of the little-known legal doctrine “employment at will.” You can be terminated at any time for no reason. Having a solid employment contract on your side will protect you from the “employment at will” doctrine.

I have drafted and negotiated employment contracts for over 20 years, for CEO’s, for physicians, for technical specialists, just about every type of situation.  If you are looking for a lawyer who is an expert in contract law, look no further. Give me a call.

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Negotiating Contract Terms

Under the “employment at will” doctrine which applies in Texas, the employer can fire you for any reason, no reason, even a reason that seems ridiculous, so long as it is not an illegal reason, for example, because of your age.  Even CEO’s are “employees” and subject to this risk.  An employment contract gives you job security and peace of mind.

I once represented the General Counsel of a large corporation who was tasked to update all of the contracts for the C-suite executives, including his own.  He revised and completed everyone’s new contract, which went past the expiration date of the old contracts.  When he was finished, the CEO would not agree to sign my client’s new contract and let him go.  Why do employers do such a thing?  Because they can.

To negotiate contract terms or even to secure an employment contract at all, you need leverage.  That’s where I come in.  Together we can determine your value, what other leverage you have, and how to approach your employer or prospective employer to begin negotiations.

Protecting Your Interests

Employers want to leave contract terms very general and vague.  That gives them “wiggle room.”  You should insist on specificity.  There are certain provisions in an employment contract that can give you not only protection against “employment at will,” but will protect you in other ways that you might not have considered.  That comes from my experience in handling many contracts over the years.

Bottom Line

“Success comes from taking the initiative,” says Tony Robbins.  If you want to guarantee your success and protect your job, take the initiative to secure an employment contract.  Contact Gardner Employment Law, and we can help you in that endeavor.


Fill out the form and let's talk about the problem you're facing. I'm ready to answer your questions.

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