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In 2022, the SEC plans to focus more on ESG disclosures

SEC Increases Focus On ESG Issues

Corporations are starting to focus on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) information, which affects investors. As a result, the SEC indicated it will examine company disclosures more closely. Learn more by reading this blog post. We know that keeping up

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Image depicting severance pay and a severance agreement

Is There a Right to Severance Pay?

Even the best employees can be shell shocked by a job termination. The next question that probably arises is: Do I have a right to severance pay? There is no legal right to be paid severance, with a few exceptions.

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Image illustrates a man concerned about his non-compete restriction and whether they are reasonable

A Non-Compete Restriction Must Be “Reasonable”

Does your non-compete restriction unfairly prevent you from taking another job? Texas law holds that any unreasonably restrictive non-compete is unenforceable. This article contains the courts’ explanation of how non-compete agreements will be viewed as “unreasonable.” At Gardner Employment Law,

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