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The Intersection of Politics in the Workplace and the Law

In today’s workplace, office politics are inevitable.  From whistleblowing to CEO misconduct, you should recognize, navigate, and mitigate the impacts of office politics on your career. At Gardner Employment Law, we understand the intricacies and impacts of office politics. Read

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How Does RVU Physician Compensation Work?

Are you navigating the complex terrain of reimbursement rates for your medical services? Understanding the RVU system and its intricacies is a must for fair RVU physician compensation. At Gardner Employment Law, we understand compensation intricacies, including RVUs. Read on

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The Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act

Does your employer hold a trade secret worth its weight in gold? Trade secrets are governed by the TUTSA (Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act) in Texas. Read on to learn the essentials of TUTSA. At Gardner Employment Law, we have

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What Happens at the TMB Formal Resolution?

If you are facing the final step in defending against a complaint filed against you with the TMB (Texas Medical Board), you better be well prepared.  The final step, the “formal resolution,” is a trial on the merits.  You have

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