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Warrants Vs. Options

Warrants Vs. Options: What’s the Difference?

In the competitive landscape of executive compensation, the pivotal question often arises: Warrants vs. Options—which is the better choice for you? While the answer may seem cut and dried, the underlying intricacies make it anything but. At Gardner Employment Law,

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Avoid being reported to the TMB

How to Avoid Being reported to the TMB

With thousands of medical professionals facing complaints to the TMB each year, the critical question emerges: How can you safeguard your reputation and avoid being reported to the TMB? While the question may seem straightforward at first glance, the reality

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Negotiating Unvested Stock Options

Negotiating Unvested Stock Options

When considering a career transition, one question that inevitably arises is: Can the terms of unvested stock options be negotiated? The answer is often yes, but it takes finesse. At Gardner Employment Law, we understand how to navigate the complex

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