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Image depicting how whistleblowers may feel they have to be silent due to an NDA

Can Whistleblowers Break NDAs?

The Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen raised the question: Does the law protect whistleblowers who violate their non-disclosure agreements? As with most legal questions, it depends. Gardner Employment Law analyzes non-disclosure agreements and whistleblower claims. If you believe you may have

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Depicts the protection one can receive with an employment contract

Do You Need an Employment Contract?

You know that your job is always at risk because of “employment at will,” right?  The only practical way to obtain job security is through an employment contract. If you are starting a new position, that is the time to

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Depicts leverage one can get in employment with the economy and stock market

How the Fluctuating Economy Gives You Leverage

Do you watch the stock market and worry about your job stability?  The fluctuating economy after the pandemic could be your opportunity to “turn a lemon into lemonade.” Those who raise their awareness and adapt to changing conditions will see

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