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Non-competes can restrict the geographical area you work in

How is a Non-Compete Geographical Area Determined?

How can you determine whether your non-compete restricts where you work? With online work, the geographical area restriction may be different. Gardner Employment Law analyzes non-compete restrictions and helps clients know their limitations. Armed with knowledge, you can make better

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Image depicting how managers can use PIPs to help improve performance

Even Managers Face PIPs

Managers issue PIPs, but they also receive them. It does not matter your position, you can face a PIP, or “Performance Improvement Plan.” At Gardner Employment Law, we assist clients in filing an effective response to a PIP. We have

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Are unwritten policies enforceable? There are several factors you must consider.

Are Unwritten Policies Enforceable?

Are unwritten policies enforceable at your company? There are several factors you must consider to know the enforceability of policies, contracts, or work rules at your workplace. At Gardner Employment Law, we know all the details about contracts and company

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