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Employee Handbook

The NLRB Reshapes Employee Handbook Standards

Have you ever searched an employee handbook to decide on a particular course of action at work? In a recent decision that affects everyone employed by a company with an employee handbook, the NLRB held in Stericycle that company rules

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TMB Reporting Requirements

TMB Reporting Requirements

The TMB (Texas Medical Board) receives over 8,000 complaints yearly, which results in thousands of dollars in fines and hundreds of Texan physicians losing their medical licenses. To stay protected, medical professionals must understand the TMB reporting requirements. At Gardner

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Disparities in salaries symbolize current executive compensation trends.

Executive Compensation Trends

Are you being compensated based on industry norms and trends?  In the ever-changing business world, executive compensation standards continually fluctuates. At Gardner Employment Law, we review executive compensation trends to evaluate executive pay skillfully. If you need assistance evaluating your

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Physician contract with a stethoscope. Symbolizes medical professionals role in physician contract review

What Is an Adequate Physician Contract Review?

Are you a physician who is preparing to review a long, complicated compensation contract presented to you by your hospital employer or physicians association?  Daunting, isn’t it? At Gardner Employment Law, our experience in reviewing physician contracts allows us to

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