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Image showing how executives may feel silenced due to their NDA

Can an NDA Prohibit Discrimination Claims?

After signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can you still file a discrimination claim? While NDAs may appear to seal your lips regarding matters at work, this is not necessarily the case. At Gardner Employment Law, we thoroughly examine NDAs to

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This image portrays the documentation necessary to file a discrimination claim against someone you work with at the EEOC

Your Discrimination Claim and the EEOC

Do you want to file a discrimination claim but have no idea where to start? The EEOC requires an employee to follow certain procedures and comply with critical deadlines. At Gardner Employment Law, we have extensive experience in litigating employment

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This image depicts the importance of having benefactors

Look for a Benefactor Before Negotiating

Do you have benefactors on your side? Cultivating benefactors in your professional network could increase your leverage in negotiations. At Gardner Employment Law, we can help you identify benefactors so that you can leverage relationships to your advantage. To learn

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Image depicting employee stock options

How Do Employee Stock Options Work?

Have you been offered employee stock options? If so, you may be wondering how they work. There are several factors you should consider to make the right decision about employee stock options. At Gardner Employment Law, we are well-versed in

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