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This image illustrates someone who has been fired for refusing to follow company policy and get COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccination & Wrongful Termination

Can a company fire an employee for refusing to become vaccinated? Yes and no. The general answer is “yes,” but there are exceptions. At Gardner Employment Law, we pride ourselves on staying current in the law.  If you need advice

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concerted activity conversation between employees at workplace

“Concerted Activity” Protection Provides Leverage

Have you discussed working conditions, wages, or benefits with another employee who shares the same concerns? Discussing employment conditions with other employees is called “concerted activity,” which is protected against employer retaliation. At Gardner Employment Law, we offer expert advice

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wrongful termination meeting. man in a suit looking at a paper and woman behind him on the computer. Important meeting

Wrongful Termination or At-Will?

Often times there is news about a person claiming “wrongful termination,” when it could simply be an “at-will” termination. There is a huge difference between the two “terminations.” One word yields the answer – “because.” What Sometimes Seems “Wrong” is

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How Your Job Might Be “Obsoleted” by AI

How Your Job Might Be “Obsoleted” by AI

Your white-collar job is at risk to Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) technology. We have seen how technology can replace lower level and blue-collar workers, such as robots at General Motors.*  Now research indicates that AI, the use of computerized algorithms, can

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Placed on a “Performance Improvement Plan”?

Have you received consistently positive reviews and bonuses but suddenly find yourself placed on a “Performance Improvement Plan”? Your first thought might be, “What’s going on?!” Likely, changes about your position are being discussed by upper management. What Is a

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