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Wrongful Termination or At-Will?

  Often times there is news about a person claiming “wrongful termination,” when it could simply be an “at-will” termination. There is a huge difference between the two “terminations.” One word yields the answer – “because.”   What Sometimes Seems

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How Your Job Might Be “Obsoleted” by AI

How Your Job Might Be “Obsoleted” by AI

Your white-collar job is at risk to Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) technology. We have seen how technology can replace lower level and blue-collar workers, such as robots at General Motors.*  Now research indicates that AI, the use of computerized algorithms, can

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Placed on a “Performance Improvement Plan”?

Have you received consistently positive reviews and bonuses but suddenly find yourself placed on a “Performance Improvement Plan”? Your first thought might be, “What’s going on?!” Likely, changes about your position are being discussed by upper management. What Is a

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