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Avoid being reported to the TMB

How to Avoid Being reported to the TMB

With thousands of medical professionals facing complaints to the TMB each year, the critical question emerges: How can you safeguard your reputation and avoid being reported to the TMB? While the question may seem straightforward at first glance, the reality

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TMB Reporting Requirements

TMB Reporting Requirements

The TMB (Texas Medical Board) receives over 8,000 complaints yearly, which results in thousands of dollars in fines and hundreds of Texan physicians losing their medical licenses. To stay protected, medical professionals must understand the TMB reporting requirements. At Gardner

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Medical professional standing with arms crossed. In the background, negotiations for agreed order with the TMB are occurring.

Negotiate an Agreed Order with the TMB

Texas physicians facing the TMB (Texas Medical Board) enforcement process have options beyond severe sanctions. The solution is to offer to negotiate the terms of an agreed order with the TMB, which saves reputations. During this challenging process, it is

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