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Physician contract with a stethoscope. Symbolizes medical professionals role in physician contract review

What Is an Adequate Physician Contract Review?

Are you a physician who is preparing to review a long, complicated compensation contract presented to you by your hospital employer or physicians association?  Daunting, isn’t it? At Gardner Employment Law, our experience in reviewing physician contracts allows us to

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A Physician working on complex problems on a chalkboard. Symbolizes how easy it is to misinterpret a Physician Compensation Model.

Physician Compensation Models

The majority of today’s physicians earn their compensation, not by issuing medical bills, but by complicated formulas put in place by insurance companies and Medicare.  Misunderstanding the compensation model can leave a physician underpaid and overworked. Read on to learn

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A physician is being shown his physician employment contract by an attorney. Unless he knows how to negotiate a physician employment contract, he will have a hard time getting the best deal for himself

How to Negotiate a Physician Employment Contract

How is a physician underpaid, overworked, and left holding expensive bills? Answer: By not carefully reading and negotiating the employment contract. Read on to learn how physicians should negotiate their employment contracts and what they should be on the lookout

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Depicts the protection one can receive with an employment contract

Do You Need an Employment Contract?

You know that your job is always at risk because of “employment at will,” right?  The only practical way to obtain job security is through an employment contract. If you are starting a new position, that is the time to

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