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The Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act

Does your employer hold a trade secret worth its weight in gold? Trade secrets are governed by the TUTSA (Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act) in Texas. Read on to learn the essentials of TUTSA. At Gardner Employment Law, we have

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Primer on Physician Non-Competes

Physicians practicing in Texas must comply with the Physician Non-Compete Statute. A physician’s non-compete must explicitly include a buyout provision and provide physicians with additional protections not applicable in a commercial setting. Various types of contracts incorporate a physician non-compete

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Federal building in the background, with a void sign over non-compete clause indicating a ban non-competes

FTC Prepares to Ban Non-Competes

Are you bound by a non-compete agreement? You will be glad to learn that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) plans to ban non-competes.  To learn about the proposed FTC rule, please read our article that follows. At Gardner Employment Law,

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Non-competes can restrict the geographical area you work in

How is a Non-Compete Geographical Area Determined?

How can you determine whether your non-compete restricts where you work? With online work, the geographical area restriction may be different. Gardner Employment Law analyzes non-compete restrictions and helps clients know their limitations. Armed with knowledge, you can make better

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