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What Is Your Leverage for More Severance Pay?

Being terminated or “laid off,” especially if it’s unexpected, can be devastating. However, your company probably will offer you severance pay.  In this article, we explain ways to increase the amount of severance pay. At Gardner Employment Law, we have

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SEC Whistleblower

The SEC Increases Protection for Whistleblowers

In a new decision, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) takes action to protect whistleblowers. The SEC signaled that it will intensify its scrutiny of employment agreements for language that forbids reporting an employer’s wrongdoing. This shift not only safeguards

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Person at desk, holding a book and pen, negotiating severance pay. Chess board and gavel in forefront symbolizing difficulty of negotiating for more severance pay

Negotiating for More Severance Pay

In today’s fast-paced world about 40% of people are fired from a job in their lifetime. If you were fired today, would you know how to negotiate for a lucrative severance package? At Gardner Employment Law, we have successfully negotiated

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a balancing scale showing a variety of terms affecting severance agreements based on the new regulation on severance agreements

New Regulation on Severance Agreements

The NLRB recently altered what can and cannot be included in severance agreements. Below we explain these new regulations so that you can determine whether your severance agreement may be violating the law. At Gardner Employment Law, we have decades

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An employee negotiating their severance package with their boss

Can Other Employees Get a Better Severance Package?

Is your company offering you the best severance package possible? In this article we explain how negotiating for a severance package works. At Gardner Employment Law, we provide services for almost every employment situation to help our clients secure the

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