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Are unwritten policies enforceable? There are several factors you must consider.

Are Unwritten Policies Enforceable?

Are unwritten policies enforceable at your company? There are several factors you must consider to know the enforceability of policies, contracts, or work rules at your workplace. At Gardner Employment Law, we know all the details about contracts and company

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The NLRB may redefine the definition of independent contractor

The NLRB May Redefine “Independent Contractor”

Changes are on the horizon as the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) considers redefining “independent contractor.” Read on to find out if this action could affect you. At Gardner Employment Law, we stay current on federal and state regulations to

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Depicts leverage one can get in employment with the economy and stock market

How the Fluctuating Economy Gives You Leverage

Do you watch the stock market and worry about your job stability?  The fluctuating economy after the pandemic could be your opportunity to “turn a lemon into lemonade.” Those who raise their awareness and adapt to changing conditions will see

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