Put The New Coronavirus Laws to Work for You

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Employees now have several new protections and opportunities under the recent laws responding to COVID-19. These laws have many complex provisions and qualifiers, which can be daunting to understand. That’s why we’re here.

At Gardner Employment Law we know the critical details within these statutes that can help you right now. For example, if you’ve been laid off and given a severance agreement, we can counsel you on what your employer can and can’t do in situations related to the pandemic.

Regardless of your employment status, these new laws may affect you. If you think you might have a legal issue, we can help. Contact us for guidance.

Understand the Laws, Then Benefit from Them

Due to the pandemic, businesses are losing money and laying off employees at an alarming rate. Congress passed a law in March to protect employees’ loss of income with Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFRCA), which provides paid sick leave if needed due to the coronavirus. This is explained in our blog Paid Leave Under the New Coronavirus Statute.

Congress also enacted the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Act (CARES), which increased unemployment benefits for a period of time and provided a one-time payment to every tax filer with less than $90,000 income.  The CARES statute related primarily to financial matters. Key provisions within CARES are closely related to employment law, which are further explained in our blog: How the CARES Act Affects You and Your Business.

More Resources regarding Coronavirus Laws

Gardner Employment Law can help you understand and take action on all aspects of the new laws as they relate to employee rights and protections. Here are further resources if you are seeking extensive detailed information.

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