Barbara Gardner

Welcome to Barbara’s Blog – “Issues at Work”

Welcome to my new blog, “Issues at Work.” You have heard the saying, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” That accurately describes many of the calls I receive about problems in the workplace. In my blog posts, I will relate the questions that I get, with my answers. Some may apply to a problem you’re facing. Also, I will review current issues in the news and explain legally how they apply at work.

Additionally, I will continually update our FAQ’s so that you can learn answers to basic legal questions, such as:

  • My boss is horrible. Do I have a claim for working in a “hostile environment”?
  • I signed a non-compete agreement with a former employer. Does that agreement still apply in my new job?
  • My employer changed the terms of my working arrangement, and I do not agree with what was done. Do I have a claim for breach of contract?

Please stay tuned for information that may be helpful to you at work. If you need immediate help, please contact us now.

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