Do you have a problem at work and don’t know what to do? I can help. I’ve counseled hundreds of clients over my thirty-year career, and in most cases we solved their problems short of a lawsuit.

Clients come to me after they received negative reviews. I help them draft responses, and many times turn the situation around. People seek my advice when they are laid off and the company gives them documents to sign that they do not understand. I explain the legal effects of the papers, often suggesting revisions that produce a better outcome. I’ve handled problems ranging from discrimination to retaliation to unpaid overtime, even wrongful discharge and sexual harassment.

I’ve guided companies in developing good policies for hiring and firing, proper record-keeping, dealing with problem employees, and responding to government demands such audits and subpoenas. Such effective policies save companies money and time, and keep my clients out of the courtroom.

So you if need help with any type of employment problem, give me a call.